I am drawn to see deeply into paper artifacts,
mass-produced and found photographic images of our interiors and exteriors—
witnesses to
where we have lived.

Encouraged by the hard-won integrity of early Surrealists
who, despairing of dishonest Armageddon-serving
rationality, learned to mine their subconscious archives
for truthful insights,
I add 
collaged clues to these scenes as new testimony
about the wall to wall secrets—
how we have lived

within our architectural bodies,
built to shelter but also to contain and shape us.


Still Germaine:  Climbing Walls for a Place to Practice ​

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Lucy Julia Hale  
Feminist / Social Activist / Earth Advocate

Laying Waste: Sacrificed to the Enshrinement of Violent Victory

Found image collages, four-themed series:

  • Status of Women
  • Consuming Culture
  • Studying War
  • Museums of the Myths of Progress