We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all* men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.

all* = all people

We must hold, protect, nurture, and evolve this sacred witness.

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Status of Women; Earth Advocacy / Culture of Consumption; Studying War; Museums of the Myth of Progress),

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Another Time of Deadly Hats

Lucy Julia Hale

Women's Caucus for Art Georgia Chapter members send their heartfelt concern to Ukraine.

At our March 2022 Art Share meeting in Atlanta, WCAGA members hold the Ukraine colors with admiration for the Ukrainian people's heroic commitment to democracy.

Please consider creating your own event or personal expression of support for Ukraine and Ukrainian artists.   Lucy Julia Hale


Painting "Flight to Egypt" by José Cruz

"Juggernaut Sacrifice: My Own United State, with  Just Ice for Us"​​

Lucy Julia Hale

"Women Still Climbing Old Walls for a Place to Practice"

Lucy Julia Hale 

Lucy Julia Hale

All images of works by Lucy Julia Hale copyrighted. No works may be reproduced without permission of the artist.

My collages have rich detail that to be seen on some cell phones may require enlarging by selecting View Desktop Version at the bottom of this page.

American (Auto) Extinction Graveyard

​Lucy Julia Hale

​Activist Artist: Social Justice / Feminism / Ecology     

Educator / Advocate

"And the Moon Be Still as Bright"

Lucy Julia Hale

Looking to rejoin the dance

Tempus Fugit

Lucy Julia Hale

"Laying Waste:  Sacrificed to the Enshrinement of Violent Victories"

Lucy Julia Hale


Guided by early Surrealist Collagists,

I am drawn to see deeply into scenes

from our cultural archives of mass-produced illustrations

and vintage found photos depicting where we have lived, 

and to add images as new witnesses to these portrayals

to depose the secrets of how we have lived

inside, outside, and between the walls

that are our shared architectural bodies,

built to shelter but also to shape and contain us.