Human Traffic Stop Report:

Betrayal of Childhood

​Children's Theater of Operations

Little Mermaid Brides Find Chilling Honeymoon Accommodations

​The Geometric Solipsist: The Limits of Scientific Observation

​Studying War​

Futurists' Past: Another Time Machines Were Going to Save Us

American Auto (Extinction) Graveyard

Temple of the Lake Crush Casualty

​Red Is for Little Boys. Early Military Inductions.

Human Traffic Stop Report: Vintage Touch

"Mercy adds a vintage touch" was the title in the doll collector magazine for a precocious plastic pre-teen, a sailor-suited coquette with a provocative wink evoking for me the unmerciful, vintage--even ancient--touch of sexual merchandising on girls and women. What does mercy now require of us?

Lucy Julia Hale

A Son's Last Summer at Home

Status of Women

​Consuming Culture--Eco Art

​Still Stalled in the Ladies' Room Without Equal Recognition

Museums of the Myths of Progress

Our Mothers Were Birds. The Feminine: Fair Game

​Ongoing Wall Street Scene: Unequal Shares for Girls and Women

Occupational Hazards : Women Disappearing into Bedclothes

Selected Works

War Bonnets. Never Out of Style for Long.

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​American Bridal Patterns: Consumption Syndrome

​American Gravy Boat: Here Have We No Continuing City